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A closer look at a groundbreaking program of music, rhythm and dance that has dramatically changed a community.


Written in response to inquiries received from throughout the United States by
Chris Robinson, Ph.D., music teacher, Founder and President of the non-profit Foundation for Music and Healing, Inc.

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Making Our Own Kind of Music is for people who love music and want to share it with those who can benefit the most. The book gives details of how music, rhythm and movement can be introduced in new ways to those who never thought it possible, especially people who have special needs.

This book is based on the experience of the Foundation for Music and Healing, Inc., a non-profit community based organization located in South Bend, Indiana that pioneers innovative instructional methods. This is a one-of-a-kind book that gives hope to students, parents and caregivers with specific examples and general principles presented in an interesting and easy-to-read style.


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Making Our Own Kind of Music is really three books in one, each designed to help people secure a place for their loved ones in music, rhythm and movement. First, it is a useful volume for families who want to find an instructor who can expand opportunities for people who have special needs, ranging from mild to severe. It gives details of what has made services offered by the Foundation for Music and Healing, Inc. effective among many types of students. The book traces the development and growth of this organization and the dramatic impact it has had on people from all walks of life. Second, this book is an organizing device to help groups develop similar programs. Written for parents, caregivers and professionals, this valuable resource is designed to assist people in communities across the nation to make opportunities available in music and movement for people who have special needs. Third, this book is an excellent resource for instructors, therapists, clinicians and libraries to use in bringing services to special needs populations.

Readers will derive hope from this volume. It is presented in the midst of continuous and in-depth media coverage that frequently recommends music for people who have Autism, Asperger's Syndrome, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida, stroke, physical and emotional impairments, blindness, deafness, ADHD, learning disabilities, cognitive impairments or any other type of special need. This useful book is designed to help people develop unique music and movement strategies to help meet these needs.