Raise Everyone
Foundation for Music and Healing, Inc.

A Music Resource for releasing joy
in special needs individuals


Fun Facts

Beethoven composed Ode to Joy at a time when he was totally deaf. He never heard the simple yet beautiful melody that some people have called the most popular song in the world.

Carl Czerny, one of Beethoven's outstanding students, became one of the most prolific composers of his time; this, despite an overwhelming shyness that caused him to avoid performing in public.

RAISE Everyone! is one of the major themes of the Foundation for Music and Healing, Inc. We believe that everyone can experience the joy of music. This theme is highlighted in the Foundation's first book, Making Our Own Kind of Music, available elsewhere on this web site.

Although many consider the piano a "stringed" instrument, it is officially classified as a member of the chordophone family which also includes violins, lyres, guitars and harps. It is also a percussive instrument since its keys are connected to small hammers that strike the strings.

The Foundation for Music and Healing, Inc. is unusual because it helps students with a wide range of challenges across the spectrum of ages from toddlers to seniors.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart started composing music at the age of five and performed before European royalty as a child.

There is a "silent" version of the piano with a special attachment that allows a person to practice with no sound.